Saturday, June 2, 2007

Marshall MG30DFX 2-Channel Combo Guitar Amplifier with DFX : Twin footswitchable channels — Clean and Overdrive

Marshall mg300dfx2 Guitar Amp
Thirty watts of power and a custom-voiced 10 in. speaker gives the MG30DFX all the girth and grind of its bigger brothers in a compact, rugged package. Footswitchable Clean and Overdrive channels with independent tone controls add to its already impressive features.

Twin footswitchable channels — Clean and Overdrive

Independent tone controls for Bass amd Treble on each channel

Contour Control for dramatic mid sweep and "scooping"

Emulated Line Out jack and Headphone jack

CD input which allows you to play along to your favorite discs

Built-in Digital Effects — Reverb, Chorus, Flange, and Delay

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